Non-traditional Chronic Kidney Disease in the Central Provinces of Panama.

Diagnostic evaluation and assessment of anemia in a patient with chronic kidney disease and gastrointestinal angioectasias undergoing hemodialysis.
5 August, 2022
Non-Traditional Chronic Kidney Disease in the Central Provinces.
9 August, 2022

ICM researchers Courville, Bustamante, Pecchio, Núñez-Samudio, and Landires present their recent publication on non-traditional Chronic Kidney Disease in the Central Provinces. Published in the journal BMC Nephrology, a high-impact journal in Nephrology worldwide.

The importance of this research led by Dr. Karen Courville, funded by SENACYT, is that it is the first time that a comparison of the clinical phenotype between patients with non-traditional and traditional CKD is performed, providing unpublished clinical and paraclinical markers for the diagnosis of patients with this disease. It is also the first time that Panamanian patients with this pathology are presented in the world medical literature.

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