Instituto de Ciencias Medicas culminates the year 2021 with 27 scientific publications.

Phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of carbapenemase- and extended spectrum β-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae ozaenae clinical isolates within a hospital in Panama City.
20 November, 2021
First Day of Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of ICM
5 January, 2022

Institute de Ciencias Medicas (I.C.M) announces that during this year 2021, 27 scientific articles have been published in international indexed journals. Some of the publications include studies such as the description of the pandemic clone ST43/ST131 of Escherichia coli in Central America and Panama; the report of a clinical case of dengue and hantavirus co-infection; epidemiology of respiratory viral diseases in a pediatric hospital in Panama; review of Alport syndrome, an update on pathophysiology, genetics, diagnosis and treatment and other works in collaboration with national and international scientists.

These works have been published in high-impact journals such as Antibiotics, BioMed Central, British Medical Journal, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Research square, The Lancet, Therapeutic advances in infectious disease, and Nature medicine, among others.

The ICM researchers: Dr. Virginia Núñez-Samudio, Dr. Ivan Landires, Dr. Karen Courville, Dr. Maydelin Pecchio and Lic. Gumercindo Pimentel, are very happy about the work done this year.

We invite you to see the list of publications in the following download link:

Articles 2021

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