Seminar 1: Genetic Diversity and New Sequence Types of Escherichia coli Coharboring β-Lactamases and PMQR Genes Isolated from Domestic Dogs in Central Panama presented by Lic. Gumercindo Pimentel.

Institute of Medical Sciences publishes 22 studies in 2022
27 December, 2022

This 2023 we start with our Online webinars!

The Institute of Medical Sciences invites you to our first webinar entitled: Genetic diversity and new sequence types of Escherichia coli carrying β-lactamase and PMQR genes isolated from domestic dogs in central provinces of Panama which will be presented by Gumercindo Pimentel Peralta.
Register at the following link:
Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the information to join the webinar on Wednesday, January 25 at 7:00 PM.

Don’t miss it!


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